Smell the Roses

Dr. Stephen Trudeau - La Plage Wellness

Taking the time to stop and smell the roses is an admonishment we are told often enough that the sentiment may lose its strength and meaning. It means to avoid missing the wonderfully delicate fragrance due to being too busy or being exposed to the same stimuli over and over.  A mindful act is to slow down, especially when feeling overwhelmed, and deeply inhale the delicious fragrance of your favorite flower or to notice the beauty right in front of you.

Slowing down is always a good thing. In our hurried lives we rush to meet obligations, everyone is in such a hurry often due to demands and overly tight scheduling. We desperately need to take back the control to focus on what makes us happy, even if for just a few breaths/moments at a time. 

Detection of aroma is the only sense which connects directly to the forebrain. Certain pleasant smells can stimulate our limbic system producing positive emotions, and powerful memory associations, lowering stress and improving our mood, stimulating hopefulness. To stop and smell the roses is an act of self-care and taking control of our state of being. We are empowered when we make the decision to do something good for ourselves.  Perfume, candles, aroma therapy, lotion, and yes flowers are powerful agents of deliberate mood coordination. Breathe.

At La Plage Wellness clients are reawakened to their inner power and control. Gently guiding and reminding of your own inner wisdom how to selfheal.  Call now to experience the sweet smell of success!