Power Napping

Dr. Stephen Trudeau - La Plage Wellness

Ah, the delicious respite of a good nap. Believe it or not there is an art to napping to control the results. A nap can supplement a lack of full night’s sleep but over the long term one should develop good nighttime sleep hygiene (more on that in another article).  Napping has many benefits for whole body mind and spirit self-nurturing. A brief nap can be refreshing and a great escape from some stressors or simple reinforcing immersion in a relaxing vacation. Longer naps can have different effects that one may or may not with to engage without foresight. One may not wish to have a long nap in the middle of a day expected for productivity. But a good power nap can absolutely benefit your physical fitness gains!

The brief or up to 20-minute nap increase alertness and reinforcing motor skills learning such as sports or musical instrument training.  Longer naps between 30- and 60-minutes benefits decision making skills (thus the direction to sleep on it), improved memory and recall learning and mental skills. And a full sleep cycle between 60 and 90 minutes includes REM sleep or rapid eye movement indicating dreaming, increases the value of mental and emotional healing boosting creativity.

After a nice nutritious lunch is a perfect time for a nap.  Hitting the reset button between morning creativity and learning and getting ready for a productive afternoon. Drinking a bit of caffeine before a nap is one way to set a natural alarm clock for about 20 minutes. Avoid stimulants for longer naps.


Finding the right space for a nap is a personal treasure. When you discover that perfect nook, garden, hammock, or recliner or couch that allows you to feel safe and comfortable enough to drift off for a brief time, it is a supreme act of self-care.

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