Pink Drinks!

Dr. Stephen Trudeau - La Plage Wellness

Nutritional health benefits just keep on coming!  And it’s good news.  The latest news on beverages is those with pink hues contain many of the bioactive compounds that health lovers, and endurance athletes seek. We all know hydration is important and we are aware that sugary drinks, including fruit juice need to be consumed moderately. The desire to tantalize our tastebuds beyond water is a very real experience, so finding healthy choices is important.

Cherry juice, and beet juice contain anthocyanins and flavonoids which are thought to facilitate… anti-inflammatory, potassium aids in recovery, flavonoids which are antioxidants which can boost immune system responses. While beet juice also contains nitrates which have been shows to help metabolize oxygen improving endurance athletic performance.

As with much of the advice about nutrition, colorful is almost always better. Nature has given us clues to find varied and necessary nutrition from fruits and vegetables. What a great way of incorporating healthy choices into our diet by choosing beverages with an added punch!


At La Plage Wellness, our nutritional counselors can help introduce you to subtle yet powerful changes in food choices to keep you fueled up, satisfied, and reaching your fitness and wellbeing goals.