Motivational Monday

Dr. Stephen Trudeau - La Plage Wellness

Monday is the perfect day for new beginnings.  The day most people begin a nutrition or exercise program, the day to start the new job, the day to begin focusing on productivity.  It is also a weekly reminder to reaffirm your commitment to personal and professional goals. And the objective being the ability to look back on Friday to the progress made this week!

While some popular memes make fun of Mondays and many people dread Mondays, reframing your attitude is a powerful tool. Instead, let us rename the weekdays with motivation, inspiration, fun, engaging names to deliberately set our intentions and stay engaged in the positive energy?  Motivational Monday. Terrific Tuesday. Wellness Wednesday. Thriving Thursday. Aloha Friday (ok, this one is personal to me as I love Hawaii).

Setting your intention is a choice. One can choose to follow the social construct of negativity on Monday, or one can choose to focus on deliberate positivity.  Motivational Monday is a great place to start.  Each Monday from now on, think about it. Set that intention and every once in a while, capitalize on this new good habit and begin something wonderful on Monday.  Like, perhaps signing up for a Wellness week at La Plage Wellness.  Hope to see you soon!