Get Moving

Dr. Stephen Trudeau - La Plage Wellness

Movement is essential to our well-being and happiness. The journey of our lives is filled with many adventures from childhood all the way through. At different times in our lives the movement required and sometimes limited by our interaction with the environment as well as social obligations, injuries, sedentary lifestyle, or simply aging can reduce flexibility, lead to muscle weakness, and increase risk of injury. The solution is to get moving or keep moving.

One of the most difficult endeavors we engage is getting back in shape. Avoid thinking of fitness as a workout due to the association of the word work to toil, drudgery, laboriousness. Instead let us remind ourselves how joyful movement can be. Yoga, dance, and playfulness all entice the body to do what it is built for. To move is a gift and the best way is to be joyful and playful in the engagement.

People who move more enjoy life more. It’s as simple as that. Movement releases feel good endorphins, lowers stress, clears the mind, makes the connection with our bodies to be mindful. Flexibility is a key indicator of overall health therefore, some stretching routines such as yoga and greatly increase our vitality. Lifting weights, even light ones build muscle which is key to metabolism and the added benefit of being stronger to engage the stuff of life, like lifting young children and playing on the beach!
At La Plage Wellness, clients are reawakened to their inner power and control. Our experts in flexibility and personal training will personally attend to your specific needs and goals. The increased feelings of wellbeing are priceless.

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