Digital Detox

Dr. Stephen Trudeau - La Plage Wellness

The convenience and functionality of our digital world is undeniable. Cell phones today are the center of our lives due to their multifunctionality in connectivity to our family, friends, work, entertainment, and other tools. But the pull to engage the digital world can suck tremendous amount of time and mental resources to always be connected or on call. There are times we could greatly benefit from a digital detox. No cold turkey, but some specific time during the day to be tech free and at other times limit the influence and set goals of being less dependent timewise on our phone.

Our tech devices, specifically the cell phone suite of apps that entice us to interact, have a secret built into them. They stimulate the anticipation section of the brain thus releasing tiny dopamine squirts that keep us wanting more but never fully satisfying. This is the draw we feel to check our phones many times per hour, we are seeking that dopamine. Unfortunately, this often turns more towards anxiety and then a diminished response to actual rewards and working towards goals which is the real mission of dopamine in our brain. To reward us for successively closer approximations of goals to keep us motivated.

What is needed is a digital detox that helps balance the need for connectivity and stimulation with the reduction in stress, anxiety, and time that the digital world demands. Take some time each day to leave the phone alone. Put it away for a while and live in the present. Going into nature to recharge your soul. Engaging other mindful activities including sports or hobbies. Have a genuine focused conversation with a friend or loved one. And most importantly, spend time with yourself. The more you nurture the inner relationship with self, the more calm, relaxed, and focused you will be.

Hang a virtual sign on social media saying “Closed for Spiritual Maintenance!”

At La Plage Wellness, we encourage you and teach you how to be with yourself in positive ways. To focus on your goals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Use that tool in your hand for something positive and call today to make an investment in yourself.