Core Fitness

Dr. Stephen Trudeau - La Plage Wellness

Core strength is a hot topic in the fitness world. As we learn more about whole body health, we learn it is less about a number on the scale, the size of the dress, or a specific idealized silhouette. Whole body health and wellness is about core strength. This is an area we all can achieve immediate, measurable, and observable results with the right exercises.

For most of exercise and fitness history the classic sit-up was the center of abdominal workouts. What we know now is that for many people sit-ups can be counter productive in that other areas of the body such as the back or shoulders can become injured. Other more ergonomic movements have been shown to be far more effective and gentler on the body. Most fitness experts are now recommending for clients who have time for only one abdominal exercise in their daily routine is the plank.

I’d love to put the description here, but the instructions are easy enough to find on the internet. There are many accessible alternative exercises to the classic sit-up which will strengthen and stabilize the abdominal or core muscles thus reducing back pain, improving posture, balance and coordination.

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