Dr. Stephen Trudeau – La Plage Wellness The reference to creature comforts pertains to simple familiar items or details which put a smile on our face or serve a specific purpose e.g. a favorite coffee cup at the office. This seems to be an unconscious self-care action that we humans engage with varying degrees of […]

Dr. Stephen Trudeau – La Plage Wellness The convenience and functionality of our digital world is undeniable. Cell phones today are the center of our lives due to their multifunctionality in connectivity to our family, friends, work, entertainment, and other tools. But the pull to engage the digital world can suck tremendous amount of time [&

Dr. Stephen Trudeau – La Plage Wellness Nutritional health benefits just keep on coming!  And it’s good news.  The latest news on beverages is those with pink hues contain many of the bioactive compounds that health lovers, and endurance athletes seek. We all know hydration is important and we are aware that sugary drinks, including [&hel

Dr. Stephen Trudeau – La Plage Wellness Ah, the delicious respite of a good nap. Believe it or not there is an art to napping to control the results. A nap can supplement a lack of full night’s sleep but over the long term one should develop good nighttime sleep hygiene (more on that in […]

Dr. Stephen Trudeau – La Plage Wellness Intermittent fasting is what it says, taking periods of time each 24-hour cycle to abstain from food but still eat at least some nutritious meals each day. This method of food regulation and therefore body composition (weight loss), has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Truth be told [&helli

Dr. Stephen Trudeau – La Plage Wellness Core strength is a hot topic in the fitness world. As we learn more about whole body health, we learn it is less about a number on the scale, the size of the dress, or a specific idealized silhouette. Whole body health and wellness is about core strength. […]

Dr. Stephen Trudeau – La Plage Wellness Taking the time to stop and smell the roses is an admonishment we are told often enough that the sentiment may lose its strength and meaning. It means to avoid missing the wonderfully delicate fragrance due to being too busy or being exposed to the same stimuli over […]

Dr. Stephen Trudeau – La Plage Wellness Monday is the perfect day for new beginnings.  The day most people begin a nutrition or exercise program, the day to start the new job, the day to begin focusing on productivity.  It is also a weekly reminder to reaffirm your commitment to personal and professional goals. And […]

Dr. Stephen Trudeau – La Plage Wellness Being fully present in the moment allows us to appreciate the here and now with all its exquisite details of joy.  The old saying about the past is gone, the future isn’t promised, but the now is a gift, that is why it is called the Present.  The […]

Dr. Stephen Trudeau – La Plage Wellness Movement is essential to our well-being and happiness. The journey of our lives is filled with many adventures from childhood all the way through. At different times in our lives the movement required and sometimes limited by our interaction with the environment as well as social obligations, injuries,

Dr. Stephen Trudeau – La Plage Wellness Honey is one of natures true miracles. It benefits include being probiotic, anti-inflammatory, a cough suppressant, and even helps treat local pollen allergies. Honey has vitamins and minerals which our bodies need. Externally it has been shown to be effective for wound treatment. We all want a bit [&he